Top 15 Best Uses For The Sonic Screwdriver

All Doctor Who fans are aware of the Sonic Screwdriver’s ability to open locks, except deadlock seals, but what else has it been used for? Below are my top 15 best uses for the Sonic Screwdriver.

Key To The Universe - Sonic Screwdriver Painting by Nicole Cleary

Key To The Universe – Sonic Screwdriver Painting by Nicole Cleary

1. Bypassing and turning off security systems

2. Analyzing both life forms and mechanical objects

3. Disarming fusion bombs by reversing the polarity of the neutron-flow

4. Disabling a weakened Cyberman at a distance

5. Remote detonating mines
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Birthday Surprise Awesomeness

potted potter live show banner

I received many happy birthday wishes and fun presents from friends and family, but one birthday surprise went above and beyond the mark. My fiance knows of my deep and abiding love of pop cultures’ favorite boy wizard, Harry Potter. So he put together an amazingly fun Harry Potter themed birthday night.
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Abstract Painting “Together”

"Together" - Abstract digital painting by Nicole Barker

“Together” – Abstract digital painting by Nicole Barker

“Together” is an abstract painting I finished a few years ago based on the plot arch of West Side Story (the movie version). I found the story very inspiring. As soon I finished watching it for the first time, and the credits rolled, I began this painting. The left side represents the male main character Tony, and the right side represents the main female character Maria. The stark contrast in color between green and purple represents the opposing family cultures of American and Puerto Rican. The story arch starts from the left going up which mainly focuses on Tony, then later in the story you are introduced to Maria. They are together for a time, represented where the two halves are blended in the plateau painting. (Spoiler if you haven’t seen West Side Story) Ultimately, the story reaches its climax and ends with Maria by herself. Broken and sad, but thankful to have loved, represented by the dress dropping back down and slowly fading away. Obviously this story is based on Romeo and Juliet, but I really liked the new direction the writers took with the plot arch in West Side Story, and found the art style, dance choreography, writing, acting, and overall theme very inspiring.
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Game of Thrones Time-lapse Painting of “And Now My Watch Begins”

To see this video on youtube instead, please visit:

The video is a time-lapse of 25+ hours of my Game of Thrones digital painting of beyond the wall titled “And Now My Watch Begins.” Completed using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Wacom’s Intous 4 drawing tablet for the painting, and Camtasia and Adobe After Effects CS5 for the video. Music is from the Game of Thrones soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi.
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Game of Thrones Fan Art & HBO Series Review, Part 1

SPOILER WARNING! – This review compares aspects of both Game of Thrones season two of the show, and Game of Thrones book two “A Clash of Kings”, part of the “Song of Ice and Fire” series by J.R.R. Martin.

"And Now My Watch Begins" - Game Of Thrones Fan Art by Nicole Barker

“And Now My Watch Begins” – Game Of Thrones Fan Art by Nicole Barker

Sunday night at 9pm I watched the season two finale of the HBO series Game Of Thrones along with millions of other viewers. Compared to the books, I feel the script writers were moving quite quickly through the content, but I also know it would be impossible to capture every scene, character, and experience from the second book into a ten hour television season. What season two did accomplish was staying true to the feeling and imagery of the book series. The show appears to be a very abridged version of the books.
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10 Steps To Avoid Getting Killed On Doctor Who

Residing in the “Doctor Who” universe is dangerous. Here are ten steps to help you avoid your untimely death.

“Death – The Doctor’s Truest Companion” – Tardis concept painting by Nicole Barker

“Death – The Doctor’s Truest Companion” – Tardis concept painting by Nicole Barker

1. When you see The Doctor, run the opposite direction (this will ultimately keep you as safe as possible).

2. Don’t get lost in an alternate universe.

3. Don’t blink around angel statues.
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Woody Allen, will you come to our Wedding?

Florence IMG_5160 Photo by Brian Cleary

My wedding is this October, and my fiance and I thought it would be awesome if Woody Allen would attend. I figured that since Woody Allen and I have similar taste in places we love to visit, maybe he’d enjoy our wedding in Florence. Above is a photo of, the Villa di Maiano, where we are getting married.

I’m sure its a coincidence, but it seems like Woody Allen is following us around. First we visited Paris last year in February. Then a few months later, the Woody Allen movie “Midnight In Paris” was released. Next we visited Florence and Rome, and now there are trailers out for a Woody Allen movie titled “To Rome With Love”. I’m not sure what to think, but I know I’m going to see “To Rome With Love” when it comes out. If my fiance and I show up as extras in the movie, I’ll know this all wasn’t a coincidence.
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What would I do with a $640m lottery win? Buy a Bond villain level volcano lair.

Volcano lair illustration by Roy Spencer

Artwork from 1967 Esquire magazine to illustrate an article about "You Only Live Twice", art by Roy Spencer

That’s right, I would purchase a secluded island with a dormant volcano on it, hollow out the volcano, and build a gorgeously architected home inside. The most notable feature of this volcano home? accessible by water entry.

Please understand that my fiance and I are both huge geeks and have spoken at length what would be in our dream home quite a lot. The only way we see of funding this extravagance is winning the lottery. So here’s to possibly winning it big!

The key features we want to include:

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Midnight in Paris – My Trip And The Movie

City of Paris, France - Photo by Brian Cleary

Paris from over the river Seine
- Photo by Brian Cleary.

“Midnight in Paris” is an inspiringly different movie. The first five minutes gives a magnificent ode to the city of Paris. It began with a lowly clarinet, sounding a slow, jazz tune. The scene transitions from street to street, monument to monument, from day to night to rain. Paris is beautiful in the rain. It glistens and shines, as if covered by billions of lit diamonds. It is so beautiful that it brought me to tears several times. And I feel that the director and writer, Woody Allen, mirrored that beauty in the film.

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Star Wars, Ralph McQuarrie Remembered

Original Star Wars concept artist, Ralph McQuarrie, was a visionary and inspired many.

When I was very young, my mother introduced me to the star wars phenomenon, and all its ground breaking work in the film industry. I feel so many great creatives and amazing film making techniques came out of the trilogy (I’m only counting the first three movies that came out). All three of those movies go down in history as some of the best movies ever made, some even broached the top ten list of the AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies which is determined by the American Film Institute. Obviously there are many amazing movies on that list, but these three were groundbreaking in their own way. They had scours of talented artists, musicians, editors, etc pour their heart and soul into them.

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