The Art of Paper Cutting

Paper cutting is certainly not a new medium, but Sarah Dennis’ paper cutting artwork has taken me be surprise. Her work has such beautifully delicate execution. Finished off by presenting each piece mounted in a shadow box, which I feel is perfect for this medium.

Polar Bear by Sarah Dennis

“Polar Bear” by Sarah Dennis

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The Best Mobile Drawing App Is Called Paper

"Trumpet Flower" illustration by Nicole Cleary using the Paper app by FiftyThree

“Trumpet Flower” illustration by Nicole Cleary using the Paper app by FiftyThree

logoPaper by FiftyThree

The main idea for this app is simple. Get your ideas on paper. It’s the best tool to sort out the concept you have in your head and make it a visual reality. The key to its success is that it has a staggeringly simple UI/interface and an extremely accurate replication of the effects of a calligraphy pen, pencil, heavy marker, fine-tip marker, and watercolor brush on a real paper surface. The developers have even gone so far as to mimic how colors mix once applied to the page. For example, if you were to paint a spot with yellow, then paint over that same spot with blue, you would see green where those two spots overlapped. Impressed? I certainly was.
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Back To The Roots – Colored Pencil Drawings From My Past

Pulling You In - Colored Pencil Drawing by Nicole Cleary

Pulling You In – Colored Pencil Drawing by Nicole Cleary

Coming back to the roots of where I started in my art career, I decided to show some older pieces I created with traditional media. My professors described my art style in college as “painting with colored pencils”. I’d pull out my 250+ PrismaColor pencils set and disappear for hours, coming back with hand-cramps, the stubs of what used to be colored pencils, and a smile on my face. I would use extremely thin solid lines and a plethora of bright, saturated colors to create each artwork. Towards the end of each piece, I would go over the sketchy colored pencil with a white (or neutral colored pencil for the background) coloring over every line to blend the colors together. Each PrismaColor set came with a smudge stick for this very intention, but I hated the effect the smudge stick created. It was too wide and blurred all the lines instead of mixing the colors on the paper in specific areas. Using a thin tipped colored pencil allowed me to keep the crisp edges I wanted in some sections while blurring the colors in other sections. I found that when I moved to digital art with my Intous 4 Wacom tablet, the essence of my style remained.
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Inspirational Artist Feature – Ebon Heath

Designer and sculptor Ebon Heath brings a new twist to typography. Add a touch of performance art and his type work truly comes alive. I love the contrast he creates between positive and negative space in each piece. In that respect, his kinetic sculpture installations remind me a bit of Calder’s work. I also find it interesting which words a phrases he chooses to highlight in each piece, telling a story from both the visual and the textual aspect. Ebon lives and works between Brooklyn, Berlin and Bali.

Font Sculpture by Ebon Heath

Font Sculpture by Ebon Heath
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Inspirational Artist Feature – Terada-Mokei

I love this, and could absolutely see a brand picking this up as part of a marketing campaign. The scenes created by artist Terada-Mokei are thought-provoking and intriguing.


How apt for a great start to the week – the extremely intricate work of Terada-Mokei. His miniature paper architecture is simply stunning. He’s an architect, designer, modeler, and culinary specialist who creates these beautiful little worlds filled with minute details.

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