The Art of Paper Cutting

Paper cutting is certainly not a new medium, but Sarah Dennis’ paper cutting artwork has taken me be surprise. Her work has such beautifully delicate execution. Finished off by presenting each piece mounted in a shadow box, which I feel is perfect for this medium.

Polar Bear by Sarah Dennis

“Polar Bear” by Sarah Dennis

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Inspirational Artist Feature – Andy Goldsworthy

leaves - sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy

leaves – sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy creates sculptural artwork from the surrounding area’s environmental elements, commonly using rocks, sticks, and leaves, with the soul purpose of dissipating within a few weeks, days, or even just a few hours. Applying such a light touch to nature really leaves a lasting effect with the viewer. Even if the artwork has already worn away naturally. The way the natural light and shadow plays off his artwork in the course of a day is very thoughtful. Each piece is beautifully executed, but my favorite is the “Leaves” artwork above. Even though it seems very simple, it is actually very complex and time consuming. This specific piece was not edited with paint or anything of the sort. Instead, he sought out every leaf with a specific color tone and pattern. Then placed them artistically to create a natural gradient of color. After finishing every piece, the artist takes a photo to preserve the moment then moves on. The video at the bottom of this post shows some of his works in progress and also shows how his finished pieces degrade over time. Which is, quite simply, beautiful to watch.
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Inspirational Artist Feature – Ebon Heath

Designer and sculptor Ebon Heath brings a new twist to typography. Add a touch of performance art and his type work truly comes alive. I love the contrast he creates between positive and negative space in each piece. In that respect, his kinetic sculpture installations remind me a bit of Calder’s work. I also find it interesting which words a phrases he chooses to highlight in each piece, telling a story from both the visual and the textual aspect. Ebon lives and works between Brooklyn, Berlin and Bali.

Font Sculpture by Ebon Heath

Font Sculpture by Ebon Heath
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Inspirational Artist Feature – Terada-Mokei

I love this, and could absolutely see a brand picking this up as part of a marketing campaign. The scenes created by artist Terada-Mokei are thought-provoking and intriguing.


How apt for a great start to the week – the extremely intricate work of Terada-Mokei. His miniature paper architecture is simply stunning. He’s an architect, designer, modeler, and culinary specialist who creates these beautiful little worlds filled with minute details.

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