Dark Side Of The Moon – Painting

Dark Side Of The Moon – Animated Painting by Nicole Cleary

This painting was inspired by the “Dark Side of the Moon” Album by Pink Floyd. It was later animated in photoshop. I created it to depict the dark side of the moon based on the real craters and mounds that make up the moon’s surface. The flowing line style exaggerates the detailed light and dark areas you would see if you were floating past the moon at a reasonably close distance. The musical style of Pink Floyd has a deep psychedelic nature as well as playful tones and sound effects. I wanted the style of the painting to reflect that. Below are some selected detail shots of the painting.
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Happy New Year | Day And Night Painting

Welcome to the new year with a painting I created over the holiday break that visualizes transition. I’ve been incognito the last few months due to work, drama, and overall busy-ness, but now I’m back. In the next few posts I will catch you up on all the artwork and life events you missed in the past couple of months.

I started this blog in March of last year, and have enjoyed every minute. Thank you all for your continued support. Here’s to another year of life, laughs, tears, and of course… art.

"Day And Night" painting by Nicole Cleary

“Day And Night” painting by Nicole Cleary

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Halloween Mask – Painting

I started this painting a few days ago with the thought that I wanted to create something a bit different form my normal artwork. To be suitably Halloween themed, I gave the subject matter a more dark and creepy feel. While working on it, I developed a rather detailed back-story for the character, but I’d love to hear your feelings of the piece and what you think it is about.

Halloween Mask Painting by Nicole Cleary

Halloween Mask Painting by Nicole Cleary

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Living On Antaries – cityscape photoshop painting of an alien world

"Living On Antaries" Photoshop Painting by Nicole Barker

“Living On Antaries” Photoshop Painting by Nicole Barker

“Living On Antaries” is a massive panoramic view sitting on the top of the tallest tower of an alien world I conceptualized and named Antaries. The digital painting mixes a gritty over-populated city feel with organic sculptural elements and light patterns which add movement to the piece. This is one of my older Photoshop paintings which I completed years ago, but then brought back to alter it considerably after receiving some constructive feedback. Mainly, I took out a human character in the foreground which felt out of place, and really filled out the background substantially to show complexity throughout and add depth.
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