Striking Character Illustrations By Max Kostenko

Illustration by Max Kostenko

Illustration by Max Kostenko

Max Kostenko is an illustrator and character designer from Moscow, Russia and has made a serious splash for one only working in the industry for about 4 years. His prestigious client list includes Visa, Saatchi & Saatchi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes. For an artist who prefers to create his artwork with digital tools, Max’s style is surprisingly painterly – rich with detailed texturing of skin and clothing. Max Kostenko’s illustrations stand-out among the large pool of other character designers with his ability to create original subjects which portray interesting and relate-able personalities, as well as fully-realized environments for his characters.
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Butterfly Cycle – Painting

Butterfly Cycle Painting by Nicole Cleary

Butterfly Cycle Painting by Nicole Cleary

After creating my portfolio website design, I felt attached to my branding concept of a butterfly growing from an egg on a leaf (stage 1), to a caterpillar (stage 2), to a cacoon (stage 3), and finally pushing out of the cocoon to reveal a beautifully colored butterfly (stage 4). I had created these illustrations specifically for my website design, but I wanted more for them. I had to find a way to use them again.
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Happy New Year | Day And Night Painting

Welcome to the new year with a painting I created over the holiday break that visualizes transition. I’ve been incognito the last few months due to work, drama, and overall busy-ness, but now I’m back. In the next few posts I will catch you up on all the artwork and life events you missed in the past couple of months.

I started this blog in March of last year, and have enjoyed every minute. Thank you all for your continued support. Here’s to another year of life, laughs, tears, and of course… art.

"Day And Night" painting by Nicole Cleary

“Day And Night” painting by Nicole Cleary

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Help Us Heal From Hurricane Sandy

Many families were displaced and traumatized by the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy on the east coast. Thankfully my home was not affected by the storm, but some of my close friends and family living on or near to the affected coastal regions like Long Beach, the Rockaways, and Breezy Point have lost all their possessions, their house, and in some severe cases they’ve lost their entire town and are unable to return. The damage was absolutely devastating. As the temperature drops dramatically, some families are still without heat and hot water. It hurts to watch the people I love suffer like this. Help those most in need in the Nassau County, New York area by purchasing any “Help Us Heal” artwork by Nicole Cleary on Society6.
ALL EARNINGS will go to Saint Vincent dePaul’s Society at Saint Joseph’s Church in Hewlett NY. This society dedicates its funding to current disaster relief for families in need.

Help Us Heal From Hurricane Sandy - Collage by Nicole Cleary

Thank you for your support.

Photos by SuperClearyPhoto
“Help Us Heal” graphic by Nicole Cleary

CONTEST + New Shirts & Totes in my Shop

To thank you all for your support, I’ve decided to run a contest for all my fans. The winner will receive a t-shirt, hoody, or tote bag of their choice from my society6 art shop. To enter, simply comment on this post before 11:59pm November 9, 2012. The winner will be selected randomly. Good luck everyone!

New Shirts And Totes by Nicole Cleary

To see a compilation of my work visit my gallery page.

Love this Sugarpova branding work by Red Antler

Red Antler’s combined use of playful, bright patterns as well as a female icon that exudes a positive, energetic, and confident personality makes this branding memorable. The overall look gives the brand identity a stylish, quirky yet chick feel to a candy brand.

SUGARPOVA branding by Red Antler 1

SUGARPOVA branding by Red Antler

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Drip Drop Concept Painting

After a few days of pouring rain, I came home and painted this. The “colored pencil” style of the water drop was achieved with a pin-point size brush, which is contrasted by the large blended strokes of the background.

Drip Drop concept painting by Nicole Barker

Drip Drop concept painting by Nicole Barker

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Knot Concept Painting

I had this design in my head for awhile, and wasn’t able to sit and draw anything else until I put it on paper and finished it.
If you love some of the other color combinations I did below, let me know.

Knot - Purple & Green by Nicole Barker

Knot – Purple & Green by Nicole Barker

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Abstract Painting “Eye Can See”

In this painting I was playing with the relationships of different human features, abstracted to convey their similarities.

“Eye Can See” – Abstract digital painting by Nicole Barker

“Eye Can See” – Abstract digital painting by Nicole Barker

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Icon Artist Alex Kadasarva

Alex Kadasarva’s amazingly textured icon designs have a flair all their own. The interesting color choices, lighting, and compositions make each project very unique, bringing icon design to a whole new inspiring level. Each piece is highly detailed yet works incredibly well at a small scale. Most were created for use on websites, and they shine as the hero on the page, making the entire content compelling to behold.

Icons by Alex Kadasarva

Icons by Alex Kadasarva – Dreamcloset collection

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