Inspirational Artist Feature – Eibatova Karina

Eibatova Karina is an illustrator from Russia. Her work has a very Pink Floyd, psychedelic quality to it. Beautifully imaginative and gorgeously executed. Her pristine line-work shows an immense level of control, especially since her medium of choice is pencil and paper. Specifically, a couple of Eibatova Karina’s projects with lettering caught my eye.

B by Eibatova Karina - Part of the Life In The Alphabet series

B by Eibatova Karina – Part of the Life In The Alphabet series

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Invitation Design

This October I will be traveling to Italy again, but this time it will be for my wedding. We rented a villa in Florence for a day to host the ceremony and reception. We decided a wedding planner would be key between the language barrier and the long distance, but the one thing I knew I wanted to do for the wedding was create my invitations. It would be the piece of paper that would join all our close friends and family together for the most important event in my life, and I wanted the design to be memorable. Something that truly fits with our personalities, the location, and the look and feel of the event. I sketched the villa illustration, created a font-treatment and color scheme, laid out the invitation and response card, chose paper stock, envelopes, and seals, and sent it off to the printer. A few days ago we got back the finished product, and I’m very pleased. They turned out just the way I wanted them to look. Now we’re ready to move forward with the next step in the wedding planning process… menu choices.

Wedding Invitation Design by Nicole Barker

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