Abstract Painting “Together”

"Together" - Abstract digital painting by Nicole Barker

“Together” – Abstract digital painting by Nicole Barker

“Together” is an abstract painting I finished a few years ago based on the plot arch of West Side Story (the movie version). I found the story very inspiring. As soon I finished watching it for the first time, and the credits rolled, I began this painting. The left side represents the male main character Tony, and the right side represents the main female character Maria. The stark contrast in color between green and purple represents the opposing family cultures of American and Puerto Rican. The story arch starts from the left going up which mainly focuses on Tony, then later in the story you are introduced to Maria. They are together for a time, represented where the two halves are blended in the plateau painting. (Spoiler if you haven’t seen West Side Story) Ultimately, the story reaches its climax and ends with Maria by herself. Broken and sad, but thankful to have loved, represented by the dress dropping back down and slowly fading away. Obviously this story is based on Romeo and Juliet, but I really liked the new direction the writers took with the plot arch in West Side Story, and found the art style, dance choreography, writing, acting, and overall theme very inspiring.
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