What to include in a portfolio

Portfolio’s are fickle beasts. Deciding what to put in, what to pull out, and how to present it is difficult. It requires that an artist review his or her work objectively. Portfolio websites are no different. They require constant feedback and updates to keep them looking their best. Any one piece that is not up to the caliber of the other work included brings down the quality of the portfolio as a whole. A great portfolio intrigues the viewer, keeping him or her interested and wanting more.


Two of the most important things to keep in mind when formulating a portfolio:

1. Keep your audience in mind. Who will be seeing your portfolio and in what context? Make sure the portfolio items you choose are relevant to the people who will be seeing it.

2. Put your best work first. Decide objectively what pieces are your best, and place them in your portfolio in descending order. In other words, your best piece is first; your second best piece is second; your third best piece is third, etc… Since it is very easy to be biased about your own work, be sure to ask the opinion of someone else you trust.

I’ve decided to launch a new portfolio website specifically for my illustration and painting work. A screenshot of the homepage is pictured above. It’s not loaded with social media links, likes, or comments, because I want the design to remain professional. The purpose is to showcase the artwork and only the artwork with a very simple interface design.

With this in mind, how does it compare to other portfolio websites you’ve seen? Are you able to easily navigate through the different art pieces? Do you feel like something is missing? Is there an artwork on the website that does not belong? I would love to hear your thoughts and critiques, and appreciate any and all feedback.

New illustration portfolio link: http://monarchillustrations.com

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