Inspirational Artist Feature – Megan Lara

Leah by MeganLara

Leah by MeganLara

Megan has a lovely “stained glass” quality to the coloring of her artwork. These illustrations are part of her personal “Art Nouveau” series.

She has an absolute love for all things pop culture. From Doctor Who to Dexter, Megan loves it all. Her beautiful fan inspired artwork can be found in all the far corners of geek-dom: ThinkGeek, Threadless, J!nx, Fangamer, Mighty Fine, and Teefury just to name a few. So its extremely fitting that she’s currently working on creating covers for Dark Horse/Joss Whedon’s new “Willow” comic series from the Buffyverse. Megan, if you are reading this, I can honestly say I’m jealous. I’d love to be creating illustrations for Joss Whedon.

Caira by Megan Lara

Caira by Megan Lara

Laura by Megan Lara

Laura by Megan Lara

To see more of Megan Lara’s artwork, please visit her portfolio website

4 Comments on “Inspirational Artist Feature – Megan Lara”

  1. Talented artist! Thanks for sharing her!

  2. Su says:

    Reblogged this on Suzannah Danae and commented:
    these are gorgeous, seriously. the art noveau quality and warm colors…I love this.

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