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Spiral Flower Pattern - Large by Nicole Barker

Pattern by Nicole Barker

This is a step away from some of the artwork I normally produce. It’s a change, a challenge, and a careful process. I’ve never created a custom pattern before. For clients, I’ve created patterns from their branded graphic designs, and I’ve taken images and made them into seamless patterns. But I’ve never gone so far as to pick up my digital paint brush and start from scratch, on a blank canvas. As with anything out of one’s comfort zone, this can be extremely daunting, but I’m truly happy with the result. I feel this pattern can be used in many different places, and on a number of different things. But I’d rather hear from professional pattern makers and novices alike, what they truly feel about this design. So, I release it into the wide network of the WordPress. As always, all feedback is very much appreciated.
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