Dark Side Of The Moon – Painting

Dark Side Of The Moon – Animated Painting by Nicole Cleary

This painting was inspired by the “Dark Side of the Moon” Album by Pink Floyd. It was later animated in photoshop. I created it to depict the dark side of the moon based on the real craters and mounds that make up the moon’s surface. The flowing line style exaggerates the detailed light and dark areas you would see if you were floating past the moon at a reasonably close distance. The musical style of Pink Floyd has a deep psychedelic nature as well as playful tones and sound effects. I wanted the style of the painting to reflect that. Below are some selected detail shots of the painting.
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All Art Begins With A Blank Canvas

Making the first mark on a blank canvas can be unnerving. It has the potential to be both a success and a failure. Whether it be a painting, a sculpture, a building, a lyric, a novel, or even a website, that first step in a project is a defining moment. The painting I’ve created below embodies that moment, just before the brush hits the canvas.

"Blank Canvas" painting by Nicole Cleary

“Blank Canvas” painting by Nicole Cleary

Be confident in that moment.
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The Best Mobile Drawing App Is Called Paper

"Trumpet Flower" illustration by Nicole Cleary using the Paper app by FiftyThree

“Trumpet Flower” illustration by Nicole Cleary using the Paper app by FiftyThree

logoPaper by FiftyThree

The main idea for this app is simple. Get your ideas on paper. It’s the best tool to sort out the concept you have in your head and make it a visual reality. The key to its success is that it has a staggeringly simple UI/interface and an extremely accurate replication of the effects of a calligraphy pen, pencil, heavy marker, fine-tip marker, and watercolor brush on a real paper surface. The developers have even gone so far as to mimic how colors mix once applied to the page. For example, if you were to paint a spot with yellow, then paint over that same spot with blue, you would see green where those two spots overlapped. Impressed? I certainly was.
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Butterfly Cycle – Painting

Butterfly Cycle Painting by Nicole Cleary

Butterfly Cycle Painting by Nicole Cleary

After creating my portfolio website design, I felt attached to my branding concept of a butterfly growing from an egg on a leaf (stage 1), to a caterpillar (stage 2), to a cacoon (stage 3), and finally pushing out of the cocoon to reveal a beautifully colored butterfly (stage 4). I had created these illustrations specifically for my website design, but I wanted more for them. I had to find a way to use them again.
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Inspirational Artist Feature – Megan Lara

Leah by MeganLara

Leah by MeganLara

Megan has a lovely “stained glass” quality to the coloring of her artwork. These illustrations are part of her personal “Art Nouveau” series.

She has an absolute love for all things pop culture. From Doctor Who to Dexter, Megan loves it all. Her beautiful fan inspired artwork can be found in all the far corners of geek-dom: ThinkGeek, Threadless, J!nx, Fangamer, Mighty Fine, and Teefury just to name a few. So its extremely fitting that she’s currently working on creating covers for Dark Horse/Joss Whedon’s new “Willow” comic series from the Buffyverse. Megan, if you are reading this, I can honestly say I’m jealous. I’d love to be creating illustrations for Joss Whedon.
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75,000+ Views in 2012, Thank You!

75,000+ Views in 2012 by Nicole Cleary

Thank you all for supporting my blog! Knowing you’re out there waiting to see a new idea, a new sketch, a new inspirational artist is extremely motivating. I created and finished more artwork in 2012 than in any other year. It really means a lot to me.

Here’s the breakdown from 2012…

– 75,000+ total page views

across all posts and pages. My biggest month was June with over 15,000 page views.
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