Inspirational Artist Feature – David Fuhrer

David Fuhrer is an amazing illustrator and digital artist from Switzerland. The Surrealist theme to his work seems reminiscent of Salvador Dali, especially Fuhrer’s work entitled “Red Apple”.

“Drug Free Zone” has a beautiful, traveling composition. The way it leads you from one section of the painting to the next is magical. I love the illustrative style of the trees, but what really puts this piece over the edge is the depth of field added.

“Blue Moon” has to be one of the most complex paintings I’ve ever seen. I love the exaggerated size and style of the objects twisting, turning, and connecting on the surface of the planet. It seems alive with activity. The way the city scape extends into space reminds me of the imagery in “The Beast Below” episode of Doctor Who. In that episode, the entirety of the UK is placed on the surface of a large star ship. Click here for the full episode synapses.

With all of David Fuhrer’s artwork, I encourage you to really look close, the detail is absolutely astonishing.

Blue Moon by David Fuhrer

Blue Moon by David Fuhrer

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