Best Marriage Proposal Ever – Hysterical & From The Heart

The girlfriend in the video got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend sat her in the back of his brother’s car to “listen to a song”. Little did she know, her boyfriend was about to dance and sing with friends and family to the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars to ask her the biggest question of her life. “Will you marry me?” In my opinion this was possibly the best marriage proposal I’ve heard, and certainly the most inventive. I have no idea how he was able to keep this whole idea from her.
source: Gizmodo

The marriage proposal I received was quite different, but still awesome.

My fiancé, without my knowledge, set-up a special brunch at our favorite restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Benchmark. On May 1, 2011, I arrived in the late morning to find we had a table outside in Benchmark’s urban garden of hanging canvases, fountains, wrought iron chairs, and beautifully decorated tables.

benchmark restaurant outside seating

He ordered a delectable croissant sandwich with bacon, eggs, and cheese and their famous mexican pilgram cocktail. I got a eggs benedict with spinach, hollandaise, breakfast potatoes and a blood orange mimosa. We were finishing up our meal when he asked for another round of drinks. This was the cue to the manager to bring the engagement ring over to our table. My fiancé started looking nervously in the direction of the bar. Then the manager look at both of us, smiled … and said something like “we’re so happy you could join us, and we wish you all the best”. Then he put the little ring box on the table. My fiancé said, “You are very special to me, Nicole, and you’ve made my life better since the first day you were in it.” I was stunned. I slowly opened the box, exclaiming how beautiful the box and presentation was, then revealed the gorgeous diamond ring inside. An almost two karat, perfectly clear, round-cut stone in the center. Everyone could see it sparkling brilliantly from across the room.

engagement ring - Nicole Barker

It was so romantic. In front of the whole restaurant, he got down on one knee next to me and asked, “Nicole Barker, will you marry me?” The last two years I had with him had been the best in my life. Of course I said yes. Afterward, many of the people in the restaurant were so emotionally moved, they came up to congratulate us.

Me with my engagement ring

Brian and I at Jenny's 1960's party

Brian and I at Jenny’s 1960’s party January 31, 2010

Easter - Cleary family photo

Easter 2012- Cleary family photo

And now I feel like I am part of a family again.

4 Comments on “Best Marriage Proposal Ever – Hysterical & From The Heart”

  1. Greg Frucci says:

    I just got back a few days ago from walking my daughter down the aisle (actually a grass path on a hill) on her wedding day to a wonderful man…
    this video brought tears to my eyes in a great Way…

    Grazie :)

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