Mother’s Day Gift – Giveaway

Flower Heart by NicoleBarker - cover

Flower Heart by NicoleBarker

After just 3 months of blogging (and no previous blogging experience), I have…
– over 16,000 total page views across all posts and pages
– over 155 total post likes across all posts
– over 130 total comments across all posts and pages
– 55 WordPress blog subscribers

How blogging effected my other social media endeavors:
– 166 additional Twitter followers
– 79 additional Facebook page followers
– 18 additional Pinterest followers

What I’ve learned so far.

– The WordPress blogging community is extremely caring and supportive.
– Following other bloggers that I admire and/or have the same interests is very helpful. Seeing what others blogged about helped me understand what I wanted to focus on in my blog.
– Adding thoughtful and constructive comments to other blogs that interested me shows my support and appreciation to other bloggers.
– Answering comments on my own blog is very important to show that I am engaged with my readers.
– Liking blog posts shows other bloggers that I loved reading their post. I smiled a little after every “like” I got. Wouldn’t you want to do the same for another blogger?
– Keeping the spam filter on my blog is quite important. It has already blocked over 5,000 spam comments.
– Using StumbleUpon, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest really helped create a larger audience for my blog.
– Decide on a general theme for a blog and stick to it. The theme I decided on is art.
– Most importantly, when creating content, I did my best to post topics, images and thoughts I felt were truly interesting. Good content keeps readers coming back.

The Giveaway

As a special thank you to the blogging community, I’ve created an original “Mothers Day” inspired illustration which I’d like to share with everyone, to use as you see fit. It is my sincere hope that you’ll share this with your mother or someone in your life that’s just as special. I only ask that my signature be kept on the image, and that if the image is used on the web, a link back to my blog is provided. I’ve really enjoyed my blogging experience so far, and this is my own way of saying thanks to all of you for making it possible!

Giveaway Image
Download the full resolution image to use
(sizing for a 4in x 5in card)

Flower Heart by NicoleBarker - crop 1

Flower Heart by NicoleBarker – crop 1

Flower Heart by NicoleBarker - crop 2

Flower Heart by NicoleBarker – crop 2

Flower Heart by NicoleBarker - crop 3

Flower Heart by NicoleBarker – crop 3

10 Comments on “Mother’s Day Gift – Giveaway”

  1. Beautiful, great post Nicole. I agree with all your findings, I find myself getting attached to my bloggers I follow like I know them!

    • nmbpro says:

      Thank you! I find that I have a big responsibility to my followers and the blogging community as a whole every day, but I absolutely love it! And I love hearing from you.

  2. Beautiful work Nicole! What an interesting blog! I love the presentation, the look of it and your posts! Let us see if I will be successful like you! I hope!

    • nmbpro says:

      Thank you for all of your kind words. My blog is a labor of love. I’m so happy you like it!

      I wish you the best of luck with your own blog.

  3. yomicfit says:

    Reblogged this on Fun Fit 5K Plus and commented:
    Check out a fellow WordPress blogger

  4. amandagay says:

    Your work is lovely. You’ve been busy, keep it up! We look forward to seeing more from you :)

    • nmbpro says:

      Thanks! I try to post something to my blog about twice a week. It’s a lot. Since I’m working a full-time job and doing freelance work and also planning my wedding, but it is worth it. It also motivates me to sketch regularly.

  5. Thank you. I will definitely use this ! it is beautiful.

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